Actionable Insights

VireVault actionable insights designed to guide businesses to make educated decisions to countermeasure any identified vulnerability risks and performance issues. A clear guided Risk & Performance Metric Report and Compliance Report that maps to the compliance guidelines of ISMS 27001:2013 (Information Security Management System [ISMS]), PCI-DSS (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), NIST (Security and Privacy Controls for Information Systems and Organizations) and Risk Management in IT (RMiT) by Bank Negara Malaysia.


VireVault Risk and Performance Metrics reports provide a clear guided and precise solutions recommendations:

  • to address each identified security gaps area
  • to harden & fortified any potential weak points.
  • to meet compliance governance mandate based on your industry.


Malicious attack is evolving rapidly and intelligently than ever. Let Virevault help secure your IT environment against :

Ransomware Attack

Extortion driven attack that lock your digital asset in exchange of an expensive ransoms that would derails your businesses

DDoS Attack

A very prominent malicious attack that flooding non-legitimate traffic to disrupt business operations and directly incurred loss of earning.

Malware Attack

Cyber threats such as trojan and viruses malicious code gaining access to networks and steal/destroy critical data due to unsecured website download & spams email.

Personal Data Theft

Personal data leakage by Middle-in-the-man (MITM) attack creates huge trust deficit to your customer and backlash to the business

Legal Risks

Organisation that violate regulator governance of risk and compliance that cause the security flaws, will be due to a lawsuit against the authority and user


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